Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Starter Stash

There's an overwhelming amount of information out there, right?  Here are the basics of what you need to get started, give or take.

  • Enough diapers to get you through 48 hours.  If you're starting with a newborn, you will need more diapers than if you're starting with an older baby.  Allegedly.  The Baby Fish is a peeing machine!  We started with 24 prefolds.
  • A diaper pail *
  • Two diaper pail liners/wetbags (one for the wash, one for the pail)
  • A travel size wetbag or two if you plan to use cloth diapers on the go (we only have one because we don't leave the house every day)
  • If you're using diapers that need separate covers, you'll probably need 5-6 covers
  • A Snappi isn't an absolute MUST, but it has worked very well for us.  Just this weekend we started going Snappiless.  
  • If you're feeding formula or solids/cereal, decide if you'll want a diaper sprayer or flushable diaper liners.
  • Wipes of some sort (I highly recommend cloth wipes if you're cloth diapering.  If you're going to be using cloth diapers anyway, they will mean less work--no emptying the trash to get rid of poopy wipes.)
  • You don't absolutely have to have them, but wool dryer balls are really nice to have (they soften  fabric and reduce drying time).  There are also plastic versions out there, but I haven't tried them.
*My "diaper pail" is just a cheap plastic trash can with a flip top lid.  You can skip a pail altogether if you use hanging wetbags.

That's just about it!  If any of my CDing friends have other opinions, feel free to chime in.

BTW - Sarah at Hope in Every Season is hosting a link up with lots of crafty/recipe type stuff.  I always find something neat from her blog followers.

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  1. Thanks for linking up your post---I sure appreciate you sharing all your good advice and experiences. I'll be on the lookout for diapers in good condition this summer when I go yard sale shopping! I'm sure I'll need them...Ha! :)